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Gallivanting Again – 14th October 2019

We have just had a trip to Tuscany – I can just about still feel the warmth on my back and it is easy to recall all those olive trees and lines of vines, the views were splendid

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and there was some art – this is Leonardo da Vinci’s shell notebook.

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Before and after the trip I had been following through ideas around ‘The Collection’, when we have been to see a Collection/Exhibition we all want a postcard, so I have made some from the printing plates that I had recently made. My Collagraph printing plates are made by building up different papers and fabrics onto grey board card so it is simple to cut them to the sizes that I require for the 10.5 x 15.0 cm postcards, a bit like reusing expensive fabrics to meet new needs.

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I have just heard that I have been selected to take part in North Yorkshire Open Studios next June. I have often taken part in the past but last year I couldn’t so it is lovely to be a part of such a great event again. More details will filter through over the coming months, so let’s hope that the ideas also percolate through.

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Conversations – 12th August 2019

My time has been taken up with planning and preparing for Art in the Pen in Skipton Auction Mart.

There are 200 pens, decorated as mini galleries and the place is alive with jolly noise and lots of visitors. Of course all the artists also manage to catch up with other exhibitors and it is great to be a part of such a major event, now in its 14th year.

I was there with my fellow book artists, Joan Newall and Elizabeth Shorrock as PagePaperStitch.

I find that I measure events in the number of ‘good conversations’ that I have both with the visitors and with fellow exhibitors hearing all their news since we last met. This year was a good year and it’s always lovely to hear from people where my books are and how they are being enjoyed.

Everything is now packed away and I have cleaned and polished the studio, so I’m ready to continue my explorations into collections and unpicked seams.

The top of my paper chest has little piles on it with the uncompleted and planned books which i did just prior to the event at the week end. I have no other event planned so I can explore, experiment and play to my own time scale.


An Event – 1st July 2019

Yesterday saw me taking part in ‘Crafted by Hand’ in Masham, the market town at the eastern end of Wensleydale. It’s held in the lovely town hall and about 40 artists take part. I have had the privilege of taking part for several years now and it’s always most enjoyable.

The organisers undertake an enormous amount of work to stage an event and visitors and artists must thank them all and we must not forget that, throughout the world probably, there are people who voluntarily undertake this sort of organisation. I suppose that I have done my bit in the past so I do appreciate all the hard work.

I just had to produce the art work, turn up and fill my stand, and here it is.

I did complete my books, as mentioned in my last post, but haven’t photographed them yet – so next time!