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Collection – 22nd March 2021

I suspect that we have all collected items/things/stuff from being children. maybe it’s the beginning of honing ones eye, discovering our style, experiencing a little bit of control, it’s part of our human development. I could write a thesis, but I’m not going to!

For the past 30 years I have collected fragments of antique textiles, for various reasons, teaching aids, intrinsic beauty, the joy of study or for a particular project, to name but a few.

The current world situation has made collecting somewhat difficult, I like to feel the textile, turn it over and consider its history before adding it to my collection. However this restriction has allowed me the opportunity to spend more time with the pieces that I have.

I have thought of time periods, techniques, geography, politics, people, journeys, trade, design influences etc and their integration with each other. Somehow I feel that many of these elements are magnified by my location, on the Lancashire/Yorkshire borders where I am surrounded by pre-industrial revolution and industrial revolution reminders of bobbin mills, wool and cotton weaving and thread manufacture, not to mention the long Leeds Liverpool canal, two fields away, which sourced the raw materials and took away the completed textiles.

These ideas have lead me to consider the idea of ‘The Collection’, something that I have dabbled with before. I have the time to consider the whole, something that has sustained me in my artistic endeavours over the years. There have been artists’ books, now I have turned my attention to postcards from the Collection, small glimpses and reminders of what the collection holds.

These are the three lace postcards, I’ll be moving on to woven next.

I liked these books of postcards, probably from the 1950’s, they are smaller than today being 14cm x 9cm. Ive always had them, presumably from my parents house.

And I haven’t read many books, the weather has been good and I’ve been gardening

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Juggling – 8th March 2021

There have been several elements to my work over the past fortnight and I am just pleased that I managed to complete one segment.

The plates that I worked up from a second piece of Spitalfields silk, see here and here, still haven’t dried enough for me to fold the paper into the planed books as part of my ‘Vulnerable to Alteration” series. So I have put them to one side for a later date.

I have however completed the books that I began back in January, see here. If you are interested in any of these, all unique books, for more information, then do please contact me.

Vulnerable to Alteration I
Vulnerable to Alteration I
Vulnerable to Alteration II
Vulnerable to Alteration II
Vulnerable to Alteration III
Vulnerable to Alteration III
Vulnerable to Alteration IV
Vulnerable to Alteration IV

I’m still tossing ideas around the topic of ‘Collection’ and I hope that in my next post I’ll have something to show you. It’s good to have a project to occupy ones mind and be a distraction at the moment, there seem to be many possibilities on this theme that I’m enjoying the thought processes.

And I did read/skim/look at the pictures of the following books. I find that I’m getting out of sequence as I pick up a book and then not put it back in the same place on the shelf. Over the years I have slipped birthday and greetings cards into them as book marks and their discovery is a pleasure full of memories of friends and events.

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Steady Progress – 25th January 2021

Despite the influences of the weather, rain, snow and ice over the last ten days I feel that I have been constructive and made a little progress and that wasn’t just trying out a different cake recipe!

My aims were simple:

To continue working with the idea of ‘Vulnerable to Alteration’

To formulate a plan of work for the next couple of months 

To continue with the reading across my book shelves.

Looking back I’m content with what I have achieved, bearing in mind deep concentration is a little elusive in these difficult times.

I altered my last printing plate by cutting out the top half and undertook a print run, which, when dry will make two books and six cards.

Then I looked at my second piece of woven silk, this had unpicked seams and further seam stitches and a few loose tacked threads in the body of the silk. so it had had at least two functions in the past. It’s a beautiful soft, draping silk dating from the 1760s and probably woven in Spitalfields in London.

I started drawing, re drawing and then working out the areas that I was going to cut away, just in case it might all fall apart.

And then I began to plan the details of each section, considering light and dark, fancy and plain. I am pleased that this plate has a different feel to the last plate, we’ll see how it works out.

My plan going forward revolves around bringing together the prints/plates from these lockdown months, most plates have a life expectancy of 10 prints and I have done very few of each. I am returning to idea of ‘Collection’, I see the work over the last year as a different definition of a collection. I hope that it will present an alternate perspective for me to consider.

My reading has gone well. I have been taking notes from each book, finding information that was worth noting and searching for similar textiles to those in my collection of fabrics, so building up my knowledge and reliving memories held within the books.