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A Bit of Everything – 28th December 2020

There have been so many distractions over the last few days that I’m almost amazed that i have achieved anything.

My new plate worked and that was pleasing. I had printed trial samples of various colour percentages with my new silver ink and ended up with silver plus a little Winter Grey ( such an appropriate title at the minute!), just to take the edge off the shine. My new working of the woven silk piece that was the source of inspiration, see last blog, seemed to fulfil the spirit of the cloth and also what I had in my minds eye. So far so good, a few more prints to go in the sequence of alterations.

I have covered my 2021 notebook and, as in past years I have used an old piece of work. I was struck that the 2020 notebook isn’t as fat as previous years and I put this down to not having visited exhibitions, not exhibited and there were no holidays. One must look forward!

The cover incorporates a piece of Mogul silk embroidery to cotton dating from c1800, there are signs of wear on it, but they are part of its journey.

And finally, my books.

There were lots of pictures in some and I will admit to only reading properly the era or subject matter that interested me!

May you all have a peaceful and contented new year and thank you for reading my ramblings.

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Seeing it Through – 21st September 2020

My “Half a Yard of Memories” series is coming to an end, this I’ve decided will be the last one and it focuses on Print. I am viewing the sections of my collection of antique textiles as lace, woven, stitch and now print. Next time I look at the idea of my collection there will probably be a different list of categories, a different angle.

“Half a yard” poses challenges, the book has to be a certain length and that limits the design. A yard is linear and seen all at once. It seems to me that variations of the concertina book format is the way to go and it is no different for the last design.

Print design and the Collagraph plate

The completed cut out plate

The print. It took several attempts to get the right shade of red, I wanted it different from my Christmas card red!. Now waiting for them to dry. An edition of 2.

Then I started playing about with the small wooden letters that I use to emboss into paper.

I had wondered what was next – and then it came in a flash – I have “two yards of memories”. Now that will take some working out!

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Trying Too Hard? – 15th June 2020

Twelve weeks ago when it seemed that everything had taken a jump into an unknown and insecure world I like many people found it difficult to rebalance and creativity had taken a jolt, I had this idea of ‘Half Yards of Memories’ memories seemed to be an important part of everyday life and half a yard wasn’t a huge project.

Through those designs and prints I have found my ‘way back in’ to being creative. My last Half Yard was quite complicated and certainly a challenge and I loved it! All three editions of Half Yards have now been folded and the covers cut but I have the idea that the covers will all be similar so I have stopped there.



I couldn’t decide whether there would be a fourth book in the series and wondered if I was trying too hard to create something so I just let it ride to see what emerged. Anyway, whilst loading the washing machine I had an idea, a light bulb moment, I did a doodle on the nearest piece of paper, my shopping list, had a happy smile and went off to do some serious sketching and research. 

So far…..

More next time.

My days had not been idle as I have made a series of cards from the first three Half Yard books. All original Collagraph prints with a folded page inside and pamphlet stitched to the cover with silk thread.

They would retail at £5 each, so if you are interested in 4 different ones for £20, free P&P to the UK then please mail me via contacts on the Home page.