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Betwixt and Between – 6th June 2022

There has been four weeks between my last event, Printfest and North Yorkshire Open Studios, which was last weekend and the weekend coming up, the 11th and 12th June see here www.nyos.org.uk

I will admit that I didn’t settle to anything constructive in the studio. Four weeks isn’t enough time to design and construct a plate, print it, fold the paper and bind the book. So I pottered in the studio and spent time walking and gardening. I was often thinking about possible projects, but none got as far as  even being scribbled down.

Here are two images of my studio ready for the first visitors. Thank you to all that came and viewed my work and I hope that there will be more visitors next weekend. The garden was much admired as well, creativity takes many forms!


Getting out There – 9th May 2022

This is an image of my stand at Printfest, Ulveston in the Southern Lake District.

I had kept a low profile over the last couple of years and in many ways it was daunting to go off, sleep in a strange bed and be amongst lots of people, but I’m pleased to say that all went well and that it was a wonderful event and so busy, I feel as if I’m only just recovering. 

I did enjoy myself, with lots of lovely conversations with both visitors and fellow printmakers.

I always take along a textile piece from my collection and this time I incorporated into the stand design, the front of a gentleman’s waistcoat from the middle of the C18th. I felt that it helped visitors to make the connections between the original and my interpretations.

And here  all 44 printmakers are together just before it all it all started. Image by the Official Photographer.

Next it’s North Yorkshire Open Studios, the first two weekends in June, it’s an event that takes place in artists studios throughout the largest county. Do take a look here. http://www.nyos.org.uk

Come along if you can.

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Slowly, slowly – 21st March 2022

This post follows directly on from my last blog, there seems to be a feeling of hovering anxiety that clouds everyday life at the moment, so I am finding comfort in being quiet and slow.

My silver fragments were dry enough to create the books I had planned in my last post,  see here. “Precious Fragments I’ has single prints on each page.

Precious Fragments I

‘Precious Fragments II’, has five per page

Precious Fragments II

I printed off my notebook inspired plates and for the moment I have put them aside in order to give the ideas raised by them some more thought. See here

This pheasant was keen to see what I was doing through the studio window, we have male pheasants strutting down the garden from the fields at the top and then going back up via my next door neighbours garden!