The inspiration for my Artists books and Collagraph prints dervives from the antique textiles that I collected during the many years I taught embroidery.

I am enthusiastic about telling the tales of these textiles and consider that the book format is an ideal method as each page adds to the complex tale of their makers, owners and their journey across the world and through the centuries.

Many textile pieces are mere fragments with marks of wear, unpicking and reuse. The fragility of the pieces encourages me to explore what is not there, to look beyond the fabric edges and so add to the elusive tales that the fragments have to tell.

The research is an important part of the process in preparing designs for the books and the Collagraph printing. Each book reflects the source of the textile and whilst held in the hand it allows the connection between the viewer, myself the artist and the original fabric, so encouraging consideration of the original textile and its history.

My books are made from original Collagraph prints with painted and hand printed papers in very small editions. With my background as an embroiderer and largely being self taught as a printmaker, the integration of stitch techniques and processes into my printmaking practice is a natural progression. I feel that it is this combination of skills that gives my work its unique characteristics.