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Getting Out and About – 23rd August 2021

August 2019 was the last time that I had participated in an in-person event, so Art in the Pen in Skipton a mere 4 miles  away from home was somewhat of an adventure, despite having taken part in it for many years.

My friend, Joan Newall,  a fellow artist book maker as usual joined me and we set up on the Friday. Each pen is slightly different, wobbly and uneven bars, nothing is really straight! and a concrete floor with many rough edges. Participants and visitors all join into the spirit of the event. Because of the current restrictions entry was by ticket and timed slots, almost all were fully subscribed to, which was wonderful. There were just over 200 stands.

It was brilliant to meet up with fellow artists, none of us had aged at all since we last met two years ago!

It was tiring but jolly and after two days of standing and talking, putting up and taking down it was quite nice to return, if only for a few days, to a quiet life.

And my reading pile, by chance they are amongst my favourites