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Exhibiting! – 24th August 2020

As the weeks pass by there has been the dawning on all of us that ‘the new normal’ will be with us for a long while and that was, I think, behind the desire to evaluate where I am now. I have missed exhibiting and having a stand at events, discussing the antique textiles that I have taken along and the stories in my books to visitors.

 I decided to hold my own exhibition of work that I had completed during the last six months.

It sort of justifies my own existence!

So I put up my books, front side


And from the top left; ‘Memories from the Collection’

‘A Piece of Cloth’

‘Half a yard of Memories II’ Stitch

‘Half a Yard of Memories III Lace

From bottom left ‘A Cut in the Cloth’

‘Half a yard of Memories I’ Woven

’96 Fragments of Memory’

‘Half a Yard of Faded Memories’

I can now see what I have achieved and I feel content.

If you are interested in any of these books then please contact me. The prices vary between £30 and £50 including postage.

Book Making, Embroidery, Exhibitions, Printing

There are more Memories – 1st June 2020

From the last two half yard prints I have found my way back into a creative frame of mind and developed a third which became quite complicated and it was certainly a challenge. Cutting the grey board plate took several attempts as it is hard going, one slip and there is a problem!

The image above shows the completed print.

Here are first sketches with the piece of English needlelace from the late 1600’s that was the inspiration for the print.

The different papers are cut, glued in place, the grey board cut and ready for printing.

The book pages are however slightly different from the plain design at the top of the page. Here the original piece of lace has gone through the press to create an embossing and then the inked up plate. These are now drying before folding.

I had been selected for North Yorkshire Open Studios and I would have been cleaning and tidying my studio for opening on the next two weekends, however that is not to be , so I have taken photographs, anti clockwise of my studio.  Let us all hope that next year it will be open to real people.

Book Making, Exhibitions, General, Printing

Practicalities – 27th February 2020

Now that the euphoria of being selected for Printfest and Turn the Page has slightly ebbed there are practical things to be dealt with and the last couple of weeks has seen me concentrate upon books that are to be placed into frames to be hung on the wall and my stationary and packaging.

I have completed four books for frames. Deadlines do concentrate ones mind and I know that I am well head of forthcoming dates but problems do arise like the box frames that I ordered for the books came back the wrong size and will have to be remade, but thankfully I’m still OK.

Also made paper bags and business cards

An idea that has been roaming around my mind for several months now is that of ‘The Collection’ and what that means. I have made a couple of books on that theme and I have started measuring out another couple with tiny blind prints to see how the proportions work – always good to have work in progress and to be problem solving.

We have had terrible weather lately, and watching water levels, hail and snow can be distracting as  can also be this pheasant who struts up and down the garden, puffing himself up, showing off his feathers and squawking looking for a lady pheasant. I do hope that he finds one soon !