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Following On – 4th October 2021

After I had allowed my prints, see my last blog, to dry I folded and/or stitched them into books.

I had been following thoughts of ‘Subject to Alteration’. These books and their printed plates were designed to have alterations from the very beginning, it wasn’t something that evolved over time it was all in one go. So a following on from ‘Vulnerable to Alteration”.

See Above for ‘Subject to Alteration I’

Number 2, with an extra layer of silver print in the centre
Number 3, with the the silver print throughout
Number 4 with the centre pages coptic stitched together

The covers were the same design but with different, painted and monoprinted papers and machine stitching.

I had always seen these books laid down on a surface, peaceful and quiet, the  covers being full of colour, but hidden at first glance.

And my reading pile, somewhat diverse this time!

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Getting Out and About – 23rd August 2021

August 2019 was the last time that I had participated in an in-person event, so Art in the Pen in Skipton a mere 4 miles  away from home was somewhat of an adventure, despite having taken part in it for many years.

My friend, Joan Newall,  a fellow artist book maker as usual joined me and we set up on the Friday. Each pen is slightly different, wobbly and uneven bars, nothing is really straight! and a concrete floor with many rough edges. Participants and visitors all join into the spirit of the event. Because of the current restrictions entry was by ticket and timed slots, almost all were fully subscribed to, which was wonderful. There were just over 200 stands.

It was brilliant to meet up with fellow artists, none of us had aged at all since we last met two years ago!

It was tiring but jolly and after two days of standing and talking, putting up and taking down it was quite nice to return, if only for a few days, to a quiet life.

And my reading pile, by chance they are amongst my favourites

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Bringing it all Together – 17th May 2021

The four individual books are now complete.

The covers had had a great deal of consideration given to them, in the end I used silk paper, as a reference to the original silk fabric used as inspiration, which I painted. The text was hand printed and I used the sewing machine to give a line of holes around the edge to represent the unpicked parts of the alteration.

Such a complex pile in order to glue the covers on!

And the books

Unevenly folded
Evenly folded
Flag Book
Reducing in width concertina

The reading list this time looks slim, but there was plenty of gardening and also these books were read cover to cover, as well as holding lots of memories

Whilst I was working through this series of books I thought to myself, that we all alter and adapt, just like the textiles that I am inspired by and that seems to have particular relevance at the moment. May we all look forward to a peaceful and stable future.