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Practicalities – 27th February 2020

Now that the euphoria of being selected for Printfest and Turn the Page has slightly ebbed there are practical things to be dealt with and the last couple of weeks has seen me concentrate upon books that are to be placed into frames to be hung on the wall and my stationary and packaging.

I have completed four books for frames. Deadlines do concentrate ones mind and I know that I am well head of forthcoming dates but problems do arise like the box frames that I ordered for the books came back the wrong size and will have to be remade, but thankfully I’m still OK.

Also made paper bags and business cards

An idea that has been roaming around my mind for several months now is that of ‘The Collection’ and what that means. I have made a couple of books on that theme and I have started measuring out another couple with tiny blind prints to see how the proportions work – always good to have work in progress and to be problem solving.

We have had terrible weather lately, and watching water levels, hail and snow can be distracting as  can also be this pheasant who struts up and down the garden, puffing himself up, showing off his feathers and squawking looking for a lady pheasant. I do hope that he finds one soon !

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The Past is always Present – 23rd January 2020

Over the last couple of months I have been exploring, along with ‘Unpicked Seams’  the theme of ‘The Past is always Present’ and I have now completed two editions of 2 and 3 books.

I began with a piece of Indian embroidered silk which had been imported into England in about the year 1620, this is one of my earliest textiles, and I then developed ideas concerning its design, which evolved into chintz, something which we all know today. see here

However, during an email conversation with a fellow artist in Australia, thank you Fiona, a new twist emerged. A few weeks before Christmas I dug up in my garden a stone canon ball dating from the English Civil War 1642 – 7. It will sit in my palm and has a polished bottom to stop it from rolling about. There had been a skirmish in the village and I have several lead musket shot from those days. I should say that my house, although old, hadn’t been built then.

So it just shows that the past is present!!

Here they are.

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Bringing it all together – 7th January 2020

The prints that I began back in November, see ‘Picking up the Threads’ November 25th were dry enough to begin folding and making into books.

As the plates were somewhat complicated with  one having open spaces flowing out of the 6cm body of the plate and the other having punched holes off  the top and bottom of the plate (to suggest the design continuing beyond the design), I had decided upon variations of concertina folds.

Over the years I have worked out many different book formats, this is my drawer full of various constructions – these are frequently the starting points for a new book.

I have made the covers for an edition of 3

And this just goes to show that when you are told to ‘test first’ then it is a good idea!! I had been considering sealing the book covers with Acrylic Wax but it didn’t like the printing ink from my pad.