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New Project? – 16th November 2020

There was a rush to the studio yesterday – we had decent enough light for me to take some photographs of the books that I had recently completed. So many days have been dark, damp and dreary lately so it was good to get that task out of the way.

These three images are of the book “Two Yards of Memories”, an edition of two.

I was able to complete the last of my “Half Yards of Memories” series. This edition focussed on print and I printed two in red to indicate madder and two for indigo, and here they are.

And for my ‘new’ project – I suspect that many of us have a book case like mine (and there are many other books in the house). Some books gather dust and some are frequently referred to. 

I decided that as the evenings are drawing in and its harder to be in the studio because of the fading light I would read (or skim or look at the pictures) of each of the books, beginning at the bottom left during these dark hours.

What I hadn’t considered that these books brought back many memories, the first, ‘Crewel Work’ had been given to me by a dear friend and the ‘Fairy Tale’  was one that I had contributed to back in the early 1990s. I have managed four so far.

Book Making, General, Printing

Two Yards Of Memories – 2nd November 2020

It has been a somewhat mixed fortnight with a bit of this and a bit of that.

My red madder print, that is part of the Half a Yard series is now folded but I felt that as I liked the print and only two prints seemed insufficient usage of a plate I would print two in indigo  for another two books. The indigo and madder prints were comfortable together, as they were frequently used on the same piece of cloth to fashion a design.

I have spent time painting walls and sweeping up leaves which, in the very wet and windy weather have been falling quickly.

 I have however completed the two editions of “Two Yards of Memories”, but the light has been poor for ‘studio’ style images and so I have just taken some photographs from the work bench and here front, back and cover are shown.

I made some cards in indigo ink

I am left with six 12” plates that I used for the ‘Two Yards‘ book which have only been used twice, so I have started to play around with formations in order to create another style of book. There are interesting challenges when faced with a set of anything and there is a need to make something of them. Usually it’s an idea that sets me off, so this is interesting to start from a different position. Time will tell if I get anywhere!

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Challenges, challenges – 5th October 2020

This is an image of the last double page in my notebook – I complete one a year and this is my 28th! I realised that normally by this time of the year I would be wondering if I would run out of pages, but not so this year, there are no exhibition flyers, no artists’ business cards, no holiday photographs, fewer bits cut from magazines and fewer doodles.

It will get better. 

I started these notebooks when I was teaching embroidery and I found that adults were intimidated by the idea of sketchbooks, which an art student would quickly come to terms with. But a notebook where anything and everything could just be stuck into and so information could easily be extracted was not intimidating.

Two weeks ago I set myself the challenge of two yards (1.83m) of memories and decisions had to be made.

My favourite book making papers didn’t come long enough

My etching press will only produce a 0.75m print

A simple concertina of that length would be very floppy.

So I laid out 2 yards on my desk and considered the scale of the problem

I played about with various formats

And settled on this one, 2 yards made up of 7 sections

Drew the correct sizes out ( one piece will be cut into 2 at the end) and began to draw.

Began to construct the plates

And this is the progress that I made, 2 yards of Collagraph plates takes a while!