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Reset – 12th April 2022

When I had completed the books that featured in my previous blog, I realised that there was no time to complete more books before my next event, see below. Spring had arrived here in North Yorkshire and the garden kicked in, I have enjoyed the physical work and the day to day achievements that gardening provides and consequently I have spent little time in the studio, my mind has drifted.

I have set myself a task, not really ideas based but a method of getting me back to printing and book construction. All my plates have been long landscape shapes, all the better for making concertina books etc. So I thought a square design would be a challenge. The size of the square was determined by some lovely Indian Cotton Rag paper that I have and to compliment the paper I have selected as my design source a piece of early C17th Indian embroidery, slightly larger than a A4 sheet of paper. The silk embroidery is worked onto fine woven cotton with a rough silk Tussah backing to support the stitches. It would have been a coverlet and probably made for export into England.

I have got this far and we will have to see what becomes of the project, I usually know where I am going with an idea , so here I am somewhat in uncharted waters.

But deadlines will prevail, the props for my stand  have been designed and freshly painted, cards have been organised, books still to sort and lists have been made.

Do visit the Printfest website, see http://www.printfest.uk , and see details of the event and the other artists that I am privileged to be exhibiting with. Maybe you’ll be able to visit, it’s a wonderful event and this will be my third time exhibiting.

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Meanwhile – 24th February 2022

Whilst waiting for the silver ink on my last set of prints to dry I considered this piece of C18th green silk damask and the frayed edges of metal threads emerging from the weave. Still thinking about it, ideas are rumbling around my mind, maybe for a while yet. How do I create the unravelling metal threads on my printing plate?

Following on from my last blog I have embossed the recesses for the fragments for a short concertina book with one printed fragment inside and another to hold five fragments.

All done!

The fragments have  now been placed in position and I have brought them all into the house so that they can dry quicker.

And now I need to make the decisions regarding the covers and the panels to the reverse. 

Too much choice?

So meanwhile whilst waiting for the prints to dry I returned to my sketchbooks to look at ‘Fragments’ from a different angle.

I worked with the print and the plate from these two notebook pages, not glamorous, but instructive pages. (feel quite brave showing the utility of my precious notebooks which are a cornerstone of my everyday)

I worked out these plates, and a couple more, the longest side is 9cm and they are ready to print.

We, like many parts of the UK have had terrible weather, storms and snow over the past few weeks, which I have found distracting, so to have made some progress is pleasing, especially as Printfest, where I have a stand, is only a few weeks away.

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Looking and Thinking – 15th November 2021

Autumn is truly with us now as this image of standing underneath and looking skywards through our bright red Acer tree shows.

In my last blog I used the word peaceful for the book that I had just completed and looking at   the book that I finished recently that one is full of activity and variation. It is number five in the ‘Vulnerable to Alteration’ series and although I keep thinking that it is the last one of the series of unique books I don’t think that it will be as ideas keep popping up and I always like to follow an idea and being inspired as to where it takes me.

I have been playing around with folds and book shapes, I need to have a good idea of the finished book construction before I consider making a printing plate, there are considerations regarding the location and aspects of different prints/colours/ textures not to mention the various shapes and sizes  to the endthat the book can have.

So I continue to play.

This concertina with pamphlet stitched pages to both sides was in the first try too floppy, so I cut the long pages down from 15cm to 10cm and I was then content with the shapes that it made and the firmness of the construction. Will it go any further? Who knows!

I have worked my way through to the end of my books during this last couple of weeks and one has been recently added –  ‘L’art du livre origami’ by Jean-Charles Trebbi, in which I have three books featured. A lovely book to have  popped through my door.

Going through the books has been interesting, so many memories of people and events, reminders of stuff that I had forgotten and of the community of fellow embroiderers and book artists all of which brought smiles to my face.