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Bringing it all together – 7th January 2020

The prints that I began back in November, see ‘Picking up the Threads’ November 25th were dry enough to begin folding and making into books.

As the plates were somewhat complicated with  one having open spaces flowing out of the 6cm body of the plate and the other having punched holes off  the top and bottom of the plate (to suggest the design continuing beyond the design), I had decided upon variations of concertina folds.

Over the years I have worked out many different book formats, this is my drawer full of various constructions – these are frequently the starting points for a new book.

I have made the covers for an edition of 3

And this just goes to show that when you are told to ‘test first’ then it is a good idea!! I had been considering sealing the book covers with Acrylic Wax but it didn’t like the printing ink from my pad.

Book Making

Completing and Finishing – 23rd September 2019

I know that I frequently mention process, and here in days of peace and routine I have been photographing each stage of the two books that I have been working with, both inspired by the idea of ‘ A Collection’ So this post follows on from the last, which can be accessed from here.


The reverse of “Fragments of the Collection IV” ( so called because it has 4 small prints per page), has printed tissue to the back of the recessed fronts.


The covers to the books are glued and pressed.


The covers are glued and weighted down for a day.

Then they go into the book press, edited and labelled.

Here is “Fragments from the Collection IV” and a detail. It stands 10cm high and is an edition of 2



Here is “Fragments of the Collection I” and a detail, This also stands 10cm high and in an edition of 2.



It has crossed my mind that as I have posted the development and the making of these two books and as I have no events planned for the rest of the year I thought that I would offer them for sale – so if you are interested then please email me for more details. Number IV is £40 including P&P and Number 1 is £35 including P&P.


Book Making, General

So, where have I got to? – 8th September 2019

I found that the momentum that i had gathered from the printing of the 215 small ‘blind’ prints stayed with me and I was able to have several shortish periods in the studio furthering ideas.

I find that sometimes the final design of a book wafts in front of my eyes and I then have to settle down to work out the technical bits in the middle and that is how it was.

I planned


I embossed recesses into Somerset 250 gsm paper


I painted tissue papers – I really only needed red but once all the preparation had been done I decided that I might as well carry on until my decanted paint ran out. I found myself inspired by all the autumn colours in the leaves in the garden.


And I folded the embossed papers, stuck and stitched the 2cm square prints into the recesses. I still have over 100 small prints left for another day!


And the details



Next to design and make their covers – blackberry and plum colours I think!