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Back on Track – 22nd February 2021

It is a relief to be able to pop in and out of the studio now that the weather is back to ‘late winter’ normal and so I’ve been able to commence printing my second plate inspired by ‘Vulnerable to Normal’  see my last blog post.

Inking up

I had chosen silver with a touch of black for the colour, slightly different from the last print, but both colours refer to the shimmering effect of the silk fabrics. The print is 55cm x 11cm


The first alteration!


As yet I haven’t made any decisions about the next alteration, sometimes the decision making process can be as absorbing and interesting as the actual doing. I can spend a lot of time thinking.

And my reading, several books so reflecting the days inside reading!

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Process – Again! – 8th February 2021

I am aware that I frequently mention process, but it is essential to both printmaking and book construction. This flow of work has not been able to be maintained over the last couple of weeks mainly because of the inclement weather and my warm bloodied self to venture to the studio. Many times I have brought materials into the the house and then to optimistically return them to the studio, only to return them to the house. At the moment it looks as if I will remain in the house for several more days. It means that the process becomes disjointed and consequently I have several projects on the go. Still, following on from the last blog I constructed the plate designed from my second piece of woven silk.

I then started to cut away the background

The cutting away was completed but I got no further, it awaits better weather before I can print from the plate.

I did fold the four books and six greetings cards from my last print run, I need to decide a colour scheme and style before painting papers for their covers, which I want to match, so making ‘Vulnerable to Alteration’ a compact group.

I have read several books and continued with my note taking

Book Making, Embroidery, Printing

All Sorts of Things – 30th November 2020

I completed the book “Lace, Woven, Print, Stitch” and was happy in the way it turned out, a long book can be difficult as it becomes loose and floppy and the structure feels weak, but by stitching the 32cm pieces together so that a compact concertina style is constructed there is strength. 

Into each end fold I embossed the words with little wooden letters, there was really only one shot at this and thankfully it worked.

It wasn’t displacement therapy but I tidied the drawer which holds all my trial books and sorted them into styles.

I also decided to re mount an 1820’s whitework collar which is hanging in my studio. I laughed at the non-fade black paper onto which I had previously mounted the fabric, as you can see it left a perfect print!

And my book challenge —I will admit that the top and bottom books I didn’t read during the last fortnight, I had bought and read them during the first lockdown, but they were there in sequence so I added them to the pile.

I am planning a new printing plate to develop over the next couple of weeks, I do hope that it works out.