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Many Fragments – 25th October 2021

I’ve been working steadily through the weeks. no rush and enjoying every stage of making this book.

The title, “ 2020/2021 Sample Book” popped up one day, maybe from working my way through my book shelves where there are images of salesmen’s books, company ledgers and individual diaries. 

So I began to make the components.

Lots of blind prints ranging from 2 x 2cm to 5 x 2cm, all from plates constructed 2020 and 2021
Sorted into sizes
First arrangement of the fragments onto the guide that I used to place the boards to create the indents
After several rearrangements I settled on this one and the prints were glued down

Completed book
And the covers and reverse

I am pleased with the end result, it feels peaceful and relaxed in my hand and it worked out just as I had imagined it, so contentment all round. A good feeling in these trying days.

My reading books cover over 50 years of publications of embroidery books, some given to me second hand and the latest book that I have bought from a textile artist that I know.

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Following On – 4th October 2021

After I had allowed my prints, see my last blog, to dry I folded and/or stitched them into books.

I had been following thoughts of ‘Subject to Alteration’. These books and their printed plates were designed to have alterations from the very beginning, it wasn’t something that evolved over time it was all in one go. So a following on from ‘Vulnerable to Alteration”.

See Above for ‘Subject to Alteration I’

Number 2, with an extra layer of silver print in the centre
Number 3, with the the silver print throughout
Number 4 with the centre pages coptic stitched together

The covers were the same design but with different, painted and monoprinted papers and machine stitching.

I had always seen these books laid down on a surface, peaceful and quiet, the  covers being full of colour, but hidden at first glance.

And my reading pile, somewhat diverse this time!

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It’s Quiet! – 13th September 2021

During the past couple of weeks I have only managed to dip into the studio a few times.

There has been a lot of time spent gardening, autumn seems to be pressing against us here in the north of England and so I am reminded that there are plenty of outside jobs to be done.

 I have, however picked up where I left off before Art in the Pen, see here, and worked up a plate, which took  several sessions to do all the detailed cutting.

I printed a straightforward one, see above, 

then, one with a silver print behind it, just to see what would happen

and one in several pieces where the pages would be bound  together when the book is constructed, see the above link.

I liked the tissue paper upon which I placed the inked up plate and did my first rubbing, it was sort of there, but not there. I have left these to dry and we’ll see what I will do with them, if anything!

Somehow there seems a lull, a bit of a limbo with my art work at the minute and these small books seem to fit in well. There are thoughts in the back of my mind concerning another body of work and working out possibilities happily occupies my idle moments.

My reading pile, I’m coming to the end of the books, the top shelf being mostly catalogues, they are the story of what I have done and who I have seen.