Welcome to my new blog, I initially started back in 2014 writing about my embroidery, book mking and printing, and have continued to regualry document my exploits ever since, so make sure you bookmark the page.

Meanderings – 31st July 2019

The process of giving thought to my latest idea – ‘Stories from the Collection’ is ongoing and in many ways it continues the pattern of previous themes and bodies of work. Along side the thoughts a lot of stuff is written down and those jottings are written again more formally to hopefully make a little… Continue reading Meanderings – 31st July 2019

An Event – 1st July 2019

Yesterday saw me taking part in ‘Crafted by Hand’ in Masham, the market town at the eastern end of Wensleydale. It’s held in the lovely town hall and about 40 artists take part. I have had the privilege of taking part for several years now and it’s always most enjoyable. The organisers undertake an enormous… Continue reading An Event – 1st July 2019


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