Welcome to my new blog, I initially started back in 2014 writing about my embroidery, book mking and printing, and have continued to regualry document my exploits ever since, so make sure you bookmark the page.

Reset – 12th April 2022

When I had completed the books that featured in my previous blog, I realised that there was no time to complete more books before my next event, see below. Spring had arrived here in North Yorkshire and the garden kicked in, I have enjoyed the physical work and the day to day achievements that gardening… Continue reading Reset – 12th April 2022

Wandering Off – 12th July 2021

Although I have continued to consider and explore ideas around the Vulnerable to Alteration theme I became diverted  following a session folding paper into book formats. this usually happens in the afternoon between tea and the need to prepare supper, when my set tasks have been completed. I had been handling one of the C17th… Continue reading Wandering Off – 12th July 2021

Woven – 5th April 2021

This last couple of weeks has seen me moving on to Woven, the textiles whereby their decorative details have been incorporated into the cloth at the point of making, here heavy silk fabrics from the C18th. I was aware that the process of designing each postcard could become mechanical as I have planned 12 designs,… Continue reading Woven – 5th April 2021

Collection – 22nd March 2021

I suspect that we have all collected items/things/stuff from being children. maybe it’s the beginning of honing ones eye, discovering our style, experiencing a little bit of control, it’s part of our human development. I could write a thesis, but I’m not going to! For the past 30 years I have collected fragments of antique… Continue reading Collection – 22nd March 2021

Juggling – 8th March 2021

There have been several elements to my work over the past fortnight and I am just pleased that I managed to complete one segment. The plates that I worked up from a second piece of Spitalfields silk, see here and here, still haven’t dried enough for me to fold the paper into the planed books… Continue reading Juggling – 8th March 2021


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