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A Bit of Everything – 2nd August 2021

There seems to have been everything happening since I last wrote, its been too hot to work in the studio or to print or to garden and then it was too wet to garden and I didn’t feel like spending time in the studio, so it was thinking and reading time. So it wasn’t wasted time. I completed the small print  from my last blog and decided to make two small soft covered books with a paper envelope.

It was then time to start preparing for Art in the Pen on August 14th and 15th in Skipton  This was my last event in August 2019 and it will be good to get back and meet lots of visitors and fellow exhibitors. So I have wrapped cards and begun to select books. See events page for more details.

Then I started pottering. I had an idea for a concertina book with several small pages, however it has taken several attempts to get the balance right for what I had seen in my minds eye. 

Three small pleats
Cropped cover to the left
Separate pages bound on the back
Five pleats
Separate pages glued hinges
Decision! four pleats

The page on the right is 10cm square

Now to design a plate that will work

And the books that I have perused