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What Plan? – 29th June 2020

After several attempts at ‘Half a Yard of Memories IV’ I decided that I was trying too hard, I was fiddling and rearranging the design I had worked from samples of C18th whitework embroidery and although I had started to construct a plate I wasn’t happy so I just let it go. There has to be joy, especially at this time.

I wasn’t idle though I painted and printed end papers for the three editions of ‘Half Yards’ and completed the books. They have given me pleasure and I’m content that they have worked out as  I had imagined in my minds eye at the beginning.

Where to now?

I have been cutting and folding paper and one format stayed with me, it would require a different shaped collagraph plate from my usual long oblong, so that was good, it was more adventurous than previous plates in having more details ‘hanging’ over the edges, which was also good. The design came quickly, with only minor alterations so there was a contentment that I didn’t feel with my fourth attempt at another ‘Half Yard’.

So off I go, 

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Trying Too Hard? – 15th June 2020

Twelve weeks ago when it seemed that everything had taken a jump into an unknown and insecure world I like many people found it difficult to rebalance and creativity had taken a jolt, I had this idea of ‘Half Yards of Memories’ memories seemed to be an important part of everyday life and half a yard wasn’t a huge project.

Through those designs and prints I have found my ‘way back in’ to being creative. My last Half Yard was quite complicated and certainly a challenge and I loved it! All three editions of Half Yards have now been folded and the covers cut but I have the idea that the covers will all be similar so I have stopped there.



I couldn’t decide whether there would be a fourth book in the series and wondered if I was trying too hard to create something so I just let it ride to see what emerged. Anyway, whilst loading the washing machine I had an idea, a light bulb moment, I did a doodle on the nearest piece of paper, my shopping list, had a happy smile and went off to do some serious sketching and research. 

So far…..

More next time.

My days had not been idle as I have made a series of cards from the first three Half Yard books. All original Collagraph prints with a folded page inside and pamphlet stitched to the cover with silk thread.

They would retail at £5 each, so if you are interested in 4 different ones for £20, free P&P to the UK then please mail me via contacts on the Home page.

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There are more Memories – 1st June 2020

From the last two half yard prints I have found my way back into a creative frame of mind and developed a third which became quite complicated and it was certainly a challenge. Cutting the grey board plate took several attempts as it is hard going, one slip and there is a problem!

The image above shows the completed print.

Here are first sketches with the piece of English needlelace from the late 1600’s that was the inspiration for the print.

The different papers are cut, glued in place, the grey board cut and ready for printing.

The book pages are however slightly different from the plain design at the top of the page. Here the original piece of lace has gone through the press to create an embossing and then the inked up plate. These are now drying before folding.

I had been selected for North Yorkshire Open Studios and I would have been cleaning and tidying my studio for opening on the next two weekends, however that is not to be , so I have taken photographs, anti clockwise of my studio.  Let us all hope that next year it will be open to real people.