Book Making, Printing

Vulnerable to Alteration – 3rd May 2021

Getting to this stage in the process of constructing the second set of books on the ‘Vulnerable to Alteration’ theme seems to have taken ages. It was back in the winter that these prints were made. 

Process Again 8th February 2021 and Back on Track  22nd February, see here and here

I do like to see a project through and here I was hampered by the silver ink being very slow to dry and this led me to the set of postcards that I designed and printed, which were featured in my last blog.

Anyway the ink is now dry and I have been able to fold the books. I found it difficult to retrieve my thoughts, the ‘alteration’ needs to meet certain parameters, the books are each unique, for after all why would you alter a dress to be the same? They had to be different and reduce in style and size and only one print could be used in each book. My initial plans for the design of the books had dissolved a little during the months waiting for the ink to dry, it was therefore necessary to replan and re measure, all this took time.

I chose the papers needed for the constructions

And they are now folded waiting for their covers.

My reading has now progressed to a shorter shelf where there are catalogues from exhibitions, these hold memories of the art work seen and the people who were with me at the time. I’m looking forward to gallivanting again!


Stitch and Print – 19th April 2021

My 12 ‘Postcards of the Collection’ have been completed, making 36 altogether.

These are the Stitch designs

And these the print designs. 

I decided to work these in red ink as red was the base colour for most of C18th printed fabrics. Different  mordants were use and when  mixed with the madder root (red)  generated a range of colours from pale pink to black.

I labelled and editioned each on the front

And printed onto the reverse.

My reading for the fortnight. I found the first time I had had work published in a book, 1989!

Embroidery, Printing

Woven – 5th April 2021

This last couple of weeks has seen me moving on to Woven, the textiles whereby their decorative details have been incorporated into the cloth at the point of making, here heavy silk fabrics from the C18th.

I was aware that the process of designing each postcard could become mechanical as I have planned 12 designs, so I decided to return to the original designs of my printing plates over the last few years which I have all kept.

I have become better at writing down the plates design source and the date that they were created, as you see there are many. I then separated out the ones relating to my chosen subjects, lace, woven and to come stitch and print and designed the postcards from my original designs. This way I felt that I was remaining true to the original subject.

Here are the woven postcards, one at the top.

And the ones done so far, half way through the project.

The books that I have worked through, the Mary Thomas is particularly well thumbed!