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Exhibiting! – 24th August 2020

As the weeks pass by there has been the dawning on all of us that ‘the new normal’ will be with us for a long while and that was, I think, behind the desire to evaluate where I am now. I have missed exhibiting and having a stand at events, discussing the antique textiles that I have taken along and the stories in my books to visitors.

 I decided to hold my own exhibition of work that I had completed during the last six months.

It sort of justifies my own existence!

So I put up my books, front side


And from the top left; ‘Memories from the Collection’

‘A Piece of Cloth’

‘Half a yard of Memories II’ Stitch

‘Half a Yard of Memories III Lace

From bottom left ‘A Cut in the Cloth’

‘Half a yard of Memories I’ Woven

’96 Fragments of Memory’

‘Half a Yard of Faded Memories’

I can now see what I have achieved and I feel content.

If you are interested in any of these books then please contact me. The prices vary between £30 and £50 including postage.