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There are more Memories – 1st June 2020

From the last two half yard prints I have found my way back into a creative frame of mind and developed a third which became quite complicated and it was certainly a challenge. Cutting the grey board plate took several attempts as it is hard going, one slip and there is a problem!

The image above shows the completed print.

Here are first sketches with the piece of English needlelace from the late 1600’s that was the inspiration for the print.

The different papers are cut, glued in place, the grey board cut and ready for printing.

The book pages are however slightly different from the plain design at the top of the page. Here the original piece of lace has gone through the press to create an embossing and then the inked up plate. These are now drying before folding.

I had been selected for North Yorkshire Open Studios and I would have been cleaning and tidying my studio for opening on the next two weekends, however that is not to be , so I have taken photographs, anti clockwise of my studio.  Let us all hope that next year it will be open to real people.

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More Half Yards – 18th May 2020

Currently I’m taking the view that any time spent in the studio is good and constructive, my mind is thinking and so far there is very little displacement therapy!

My ideas exploring the theme of memories are progressing, see above for my second print. Whilst it’s a theme often explored it seems particularly pertinent at this point in the Lockdown when so many aspects of our lives are not there to touch or personally engage with. We will get there.

I moved on to looking at a gentleman’s waistcoat from the 1760’s. It hangs on my studio wall and I reference this item frequently. I can remember buying it, at an antique textile fair.  I spotted it across the large hall and I went straight over, completely recking my husbands method of going from stall to stall in an ordered manner! Why it had been cut in such a savage manner I don’t know, but all its buttons are there with gold work embroidery and many minute sequins. It also holds memories of the very smart gentleman who wore it, the weaver and the suit maker as well as the part that it played in helping my understanding of antique clothing.

I constructed the plate and in the spirit of experimenting I used gold printing ink, see top of page

And here they are side by side

As we are where we are I made some face masks to send to our son in London

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Half a Yard of Memories – 4th May 2020

Here we are several weeks into lockdown, will I remember how to drive the car?

Lots of walking and gardening and I’m pleased to say that being in the studio has become part of my day and each day I spend some time there, taking small steps.

My current plate, “Half a yard of Memories” developed

Half done

Fully done and then sealed and left for a couple of days for it to be fully dry

And then printed

I dry them under weights as I need the paper to be truly flat, here I have used Somerset 250gsm. They are now wrapped in tissue until they are fully dry so that I can fold them into books.

In between times I have made some cards. I just love the way that the table is full of stuff and then it gradually gets down to a small pile of 9 cards with grey envelopes.

And one of the joys of gardening, Cornus Kousa “Eddies White Wonder” in the full sunshine