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Slowly, slowly – 21st March 2022

This post follows directly on from my last blog, there seems to be a feeling of hovering anxiety that clouds everyday life at the moment, so I am finding comfort in being quiet and slow.

My silver fragments were dry enough to create the books I had planned in my last post,  see here. “Precious Fragments I’ has single prints on each page.

Precious Fragments I

‘Precious Fragments II’, has five per page

Precious Fragments II

I printed off my notebook inspired plates and for the moment I have put them aside in order to give the ideas raised by them some more thought. See here

This pheasant was keen to see what I was doing through the studio window, we have male pheasants strutting down the garden from the fields at the top and then going back up via my next door neighbours garden!

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Meanwhile – 24th February 2022

Whilst waiting for the silver ink on my last set of prints to dry I considered this piece of C18th green silk damask and the frayed edges of metal threads emerging from the weave. Still thinking about it, ideas are rumbling around my mind, maybe for a while yet. How do I create the unravelling metal threads on my printing plate?

Following on from my last blog I have embossed the recesses for the fragments for a short concertina book with one printed fragment inside and another to hold five fragments.

All done!

The fragments have  now been placed in position and I have brought them all into the house so that they can dry quicker.

And now I need to make the decisions regarding the covers and the panels to the reverse. 

Too much choice?

So meanwhile whilst waiting for the prints to dry I returned to my sketchbooks to look at ‘Fragments’ from a different angle.

I worked with the print and the plate from these two notebook pages, not glamorous, but instructive pages. (feel quite brave showing the utility of my precious notebooks which are a cornerstone of my everyday)

I worked out these plates, and a couple more, the longest side is 9cm and they are ready to print.

We, like many parts of the UK have had terrible weather, storms and snow over the past few weeks, which I have found distracting, so to have made some progress is pleasing, especially as Printfest, where I have a stand, is only a few weeks away.

Book Making, Exhibitions, Printing

Ideas a Plenty – 31st January 2022

There have been many ideas floating around my head over the last few weeks for which I am most grateful as I have two lovely events coming up in the first half of the year. They are posted on my Events page. 

Some ideas just stay mulling around in my head, some became a scribble and some make it to the planning out stage and are then discarded! So it is very pleasing when one idea passes the test and I can begin construction.

Over the years I have kept notebooks, where I stick anything that is interesting, so it has become a sort of diary and it was this page that sparked a new title. Its from August 2021, it was ‘Art in the Pen’ week and I can see business cards from other artists who were nearby. I have tended to write titles parallel to the sides, so that they stand out, and here it is ’Precious Fragments’. Not every page is a thing of beauty!

So I got to work, I needed lots of silver two centimetre blind prints, I forgot to photograph them as they came off the press, so I have arranged a few and they can be seen at the top of the page. I made 157 of them.

Here they are drying, I find that the silver ink takes a while to dry. So the book construction will have to wait a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile I have printed the plate that I was working on in my last blog which was inspired by  whitework embroidery of the late C18th and is influenced by ideas around ‘Vulnerable to Alteration’

This version shows where I have cut away the top background of the plate just leaving 6cm at the bottom.

I had some paper, several sheets 12cm square, that I wanted know how it worked being wetted and going through the press. so using a small pate and the remainder of some grey/silver ink, I printed. I like the peaceful quality, but it will take some thought to decide how, or whether I take it further.

A good thought to ponder over.

I have also updated my Sales page with some of my books from 2021, so if you are interested then do please have a look and contact me should you have any questions.