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What to Do? – 27th July 2020

I am pleased with the print that resulted from my last plate, which featured in my last blog. All those edges that needed to be clean can be difficult but, I am now putting the ink on with an old artists paintbrush and it’s working well.

As with many of my plates I cut them down to create other books or cards. However here I have paused, to get 4 prints from one plate isn’t many and there were no ideas emerging. I took some photocopies for me to cut up to see what would work. I am still pausing!

Before Lockdown and the current situation I had been planning to create some larger and more complex books. I had my pieces for my 2020 events and a slight change in direction seemed interesting. As we all know the world changed and I made my way back into my art practice with my “Half a Yard of Memories” series. However, as I could see the present situation lasting a while I  made the decision to return to the larger and more complex books, but then I dithered and made cards – ( the last batch proved very popular). As the size of the cards is dependant upon the size of print I now have the envelopes to make.

Would it be sensible to save the larger projects until the winter when I can’t garden? Is that a dilemma, a good idea or just putting something of?

Book Making, Printing

Following On – 13th July 2020

It has been quiet, the days have been steady and somewhat predictable. There has been little art because I have been painting walls and wood work and digging in the garden. Not exciting but essential and I’m a practical sort of girl!!

I did complete the book this book, it’s part of the Collections series where I’ve been contemplating the antique textiles as a whole rather that the designs and stories of individual pieces.

From my design at the end of the last post I worked out my arrangements of ink densities and I began to cut the papers and grey board. 

The plate is 34cm from left to right and is a departure of shape and size for me, the reason being that I’m going fold the paper and then cut it up the middle.

It will then be made into a book as shown here in my pro forma. The title is “A Cut in the Cloth”

Hopefully there will be prints by next time, keep safe everyone.

Book Making, Printing

What Plan? – 29th June 2020

After several attempts at ‘Half a Yard of Memories IV’ I decided that I was trying too hard, I was fiddling and rearranging the design I had worked from samples of C18th whitework embroidery and although I had started to construct a plate I wasn’t happy so I just let it go. There has to be joy, especially at this time.

I wasn’t idle though I painted and printed end papers for the three editions of ‘Half Yards’ and completed the books. They have given me pleasure and I’m content that they have worked out as  I had imagined in my minds eye at the beginning.

Where to now?

I have been cutting and folding paper and one format stayed with me, it would require a different shaped collagraph plate from my usual long oblong, so that was good, it was more adventurous than previous plates in having more details ‘hanging’ over the edges, which was also good. The design came quickly, with only minor alterations so there was a contentment that I didn’t feel with my fourth attempt at another ‘Half Yard’.

So off I go,