Wandering Off – 12th July 2021

Although I have continued to consider and explore ideas around the Vulnerable to Alteration theme I became diverted  following a session folding paper into book formats. this usually happens in the afternoon between tea and the need to prepare supper, when my set tasks have been completed.

I had been handling one of the C17th pieces of woven silk, see here in a previous blog. However I needed a 24cm print for the book design and so off I diverted, using that piece of silk as a design source. I have printed three in a grey colour from silver mixed with black and I hope that they will dry a little quicker than the last time I used silver ink.

Half cut out printing plate

Despite all the disruption of the last year and a bit, I’m pleased to say that Art in the Pen in Skipton Auction Mart is going ahead this year on Saturday August 14th and Sunday August 15th, both days from 10.00 to 4.00. Being an animal auction venue the ceilings are very high and there is plenty of ventilation and space. Visitors will need to book and further details can be obtained from www.artinthepen.org.uk I shall be there with my friend and fellow book artist, Joan Newell as PagePaperStitch.

I did complete the book that I had started in my last post

So far untitled!

An C18th sack dress would take between 20 and 22 yards to make. There would be a very small amount of fabric used for the bodice and most of the yardage was used in the skirt, which was sewn into panels of waist to heel length, along the selvages. This was then pleated to fit the waist, or as in a sack dress pleated from the back neckline. There are very few unaltered dresses in collections, the fabric was too expensive to waste. 

Over the years I have altered clothing for various reasons and I know that to make the whole process worthwhile and successful a lot of planning has to go into it, the first dress having been developed from a pattern, my alterations are evolving from my head!

So this image shows the beginning of a redesign of the plates used in the book shown here, from a blog from last November. I cut each plate up a little more so that the exposed designs were on both sides of the plate. The numbers on the reverse depict what size of print I can obtain from each plate. That is as far as I have managed to get. There may well be a delay as my husband is sanding and then painting the studio windows and this isn’t conducive to printing!

And my reading list, soon I shall be on the top shelf where the short books are!