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Interesting Times – 10th February 2020

I am still pursuing ideas around frayed edges and unpicked seams and I hope extending my printing practice. Above the curved edge of the print, which is 30cm long I have embossed three lines of thread, not sure as I’m typing this whether they will show up. When it’s dry I will stitch a blank line of holes along the top. It will be a few weeks before I will be able to fold and complete the books, an edition of 4.

I have also folded and stitched together three books, they are double concertinas, front

and back. 

They come under a generic title of “In all Colours”. This is a quote from the middle of the C17th in a letter from London to the East India Company wanting chintzes with lots of colour. This was a time in England when printed colours were not colourfast and so washing made them faint or the colour ran, not so printing from India. This was magical and a status symbol if you had Indian Chintz.

I have had brilliant news in that I have been selected for Printfest in Ulveston in May and also for ‘Turn the Page’ Artists’ Book Fair in Norwich also in May. I have the ideas to complete a body of work for both events just need the time, I’m sure that i will find it.

My husband has been digitising old photographs and this one popped up of me in 1975

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The Past is always Present – 23rd January 2020

Over the last couple of months I have been exploring, along with ‘Unpicked Seams’  the theme of ‘The Past is always Present’ and I have now completed two editions of 2 and 3 books.

I began with a piece of Indian embroidered silk which had been imported into England in about the year 1620, this is one of my earliest textiles, and I then developed ideas concerning its design, which evolved into chintz, something which we all know today. see here

However, during an email conversation with a fellow artist in Australia, thank you Fiona, a new twist emerged. A few weeks before Christmas I dug up in my garden a stone canon ball dating from the English Civil War 1642 – 7. It will sit in my palm and has a polished bottom to stop it from rolling about. There had been a skirmish in the village and I have several lead musket shot from those days. I should say that my house, although old, hadn’t been built then.

So it just shows that the past is present!!

Here they are.