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Wanderings – 28th June 2022

The North Yorkshire Open Studios is now complete, held over two weekends it dominated the beginning of the month. It was most enjoyable and lovey to welcome many people to my studio. Thank you to all that came.

There is always the clean and general tidy up before such an event and I had decided to undertake a major clean and sort out following it and so I did. There were things that I didn’t know that I had! and several things that have given me ideas. So while time consuming it was worthwhile.

I feel a little unfocussed at present with no major themes emerging so I have, as I always do, fall back on my notebooks. I had earlier in the year brought out of my collection a piece of mid C19th hexagonal cotton patchwork and then my son brought me a packet of chocolates from Paris, hexagons again. I have never done a hexagon book or box, so why not.

I made the box template

Then the reducing in size hexagon folds

Then the completed book with a lace embossed side and the other side with painted tissue paper. There is red machine stitching through the middle. The box is covered with painted silk paper a darker shade of grey/blue.

I did take part in the Turn the Page event in Norwich, as part of the TEN exhibition. I was not able to go, but by chance my son was there and took this photograph for me.

I have decided to give myself time to dabble and to pick up miscellaneous ideas and to see where they lead me. I have no events planned at the moment, so it feels good just to wander and to see where I end up.