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Looking and Thinking – 15th November 2021

Autumn is truly with us now as this image of standing underneath and looking skywards through our bright red Acer tree shows.

In my last blog I used the word peaceful for the book that I had just completed and looking at   the book that I finished recently that one is full of activity and variation. It is number five in the ‘Vulnerable to Alteration’ series and although I keep thinking that it is the last one of the series of unique books I don’t think that it will be as ideas keep popping up and I always like to follow an idea and being inspired as to where it takes me.

I have been playing around with folds and book shapes, I need to have a good idea of the finished book construction before I consider making a printing plate, there are considerations regarding the location and aspects of different prints/colours/ textures not to mention the various shapes and sizes  to the endthat the book can have.

So I continue to play.

This concertina with pamphlet stitched pages to both sides was in the first try too floppy, so I cut the long pages down from 15cm to 10cm and I was then content with the shapes that it made and the firmness of the construction. Will it go any further? Who knows!

I have worked my way through to the end of my books during this last couple of weeks and one has been recently added –  ‘L’art du livre origami’ by Jean-Charles Trebbi, in which I have three books featured. A lovely book to have  popped through my door.

Going through the books has been interesting, so many memories of people and events, reminders of stuff that I had forgotten and of the community of fellow embroiderers and book artists all of which brought smiles to my face.