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Many Fragments – 25th October 2021

I’ve been working steadily through the weeks. no rush and enjoying every stage of making this book.

The title, “ 2020/2021 Sample Book” popped up one day, maybe from working my way through my book shelves where there are images of salesmen’s books, company ledgers and individual diaries. 

So I began to make the components.

Lots of blind prints ranging from 2 x 2cm to 5 x 2cm, all from plates constructed 2020 and 2021
Sorted into sizes
First arrangement of the fragments onto the guide that I used to place the boards to create the indents
After several rearrangements I settled on this one and the prints were glued down

Completed book
And the covers and reverse

I am pleased with the end result, it feels peaceful and relaxed in my hand and it worked out just as I had imagined it, so contentment all round. A good feeling in these trying days.

My reading books cover over 50 years of publications of embroidery books, some given to me second hand and the latest book that I have bought from a textile artist that I know.