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New Project? – 16th November 2020

There was a rush to the studio yesterday – we had decent enough light for me to take some photographs of the books that I had recently completed. So many days have been dark, damp and dreary lately so it was good to get that task out of the way.

These three images are of the book “Two Yards of Memories”, an edition of two.

I was able to complete the last of my “Half Yards of Memories” series. This edition focussed on print and I printed two in red to indicate madder and two for indigo, and here they are.

And for my ‘new’ project – I suspect that many of us have a book case like mine (and there are many other books in the house). Some books gather dust and some are frequently referred to. 

I decided that as the evenings are drawing in and its harder to be in the studio because of the fading light I would read (or skim or look at the pictures) of each of the books, beginning at the bottom left during these dark hours.

What I hadn’t considered that these books brought back many memories, the first, ‘Crewel Work’ had been given to me by a dear friend and the ‘Fairy Tale’  was one that I had contributed to back in the early 1990s. I have managed four so far.