Book Making, Embroidery, Printing

All Sorts of Things – 30th November 2020

I completed the book “Lace, Woven, Print, Stitch” and was happy in the way it turned out, a long book can be difficult as it becomes loose and floppy and the structure feels weak, but by stitching the 32cm pieces together so that a compact concertina style is constructed there is strength. 

Into each end fold I embossed the words with little wooden letters, there was really only one shot at this and thankfully it worked.

It wasn’t displacement therapy but I tidied the drawer which holds all my trial books and sorted them into styles.

I also decided to re mount an 1820’s whitework collar which is hanging in my studio. I laughed at the non-fade black paper onto which I had previously mounted the fabric, as you can see it left a perfect print!

And my book challenge —I will admit that the top and bottom books I didn’t read during the last fortnight, I had bought and read them during the first lockdown, but they were there in sequence so I added them to the pile.

I am planning a new printing plate to develop over the next couple of weeks, I do hope that it works out.