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Two Yards Of Memories – 2nd November 2020

It has been a somewhat mixed fortnight with a bit of this and a bit of that.

My red madder print, that is part of the Half a Yard series is now folded but I felt that as I liked the print and only two prints seemed insufficient usage of a plate I would print two in indigo  for another two books. The indigo and madder prints were comfortable together, as they were frequently used on the same piece of cloth to fashion a design.

I have spent time painting walls and sweeping up leaves which, in the very wet and windy weather have been falling quickly.

 I have however completed the two editions of “Two Yards of Memories”, but the light has been poor for ‘studio’ style images and so I have just taken some photographs from the work bench and here front, back and cover are shown.

I made some cards in indigo ink

I am left with six 12” plates that I used for the ‘Two Yards‘ book which have only been used twice, so I have started to play around with formations in order to create another style of book. There are interesting challenges when faced with a set of anything and there is a need to make something of them. Usually it’s an idea that sets me off, so this is interesting to start from a different position. Time will tell if I get anywhere!