Book Making, Printing

Continuing – 20th October 2020

Working 2 yards of print does take application! 

Following on from my last blog and the idea to create a book inspired by bringing together my ‘half yards of memories’ books,  of which I had four, hence the 2 yards, I completed my printing plates. All the designs from the previous books were scaled down and rearranged to suit a longer piece.

I printed them onto Somerset 250gsm paper

The two books were trimmed and the two shorter lengths at either end were cut

They were folded

I punched holes 1” apart all the way along each book

I applied red painted tissue paper to the reverse, you can see the light shining through the punched holes on the right hand side and I applied one side of the paper hinge. the two books are now under weights for the final construction stage.

More next time and hopefully the books will be completed.