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What to Do? – 27th July 2020

I am pleased with the print that resulted from my last plate, which featured in my last blog. All those edges that needed to be clean can be difficult but, I am now putting the ink on with an old artists paintbrush and it’s working well.

As with many of my plates I cut them down to create other books or cards. However here I have paused, to get 4 prints from one plate isn’t many and there were no ideas emerging. I took some photocopies for me to cut up to see what would work. I am still pausing!

Before Lockdown and the current situation I had been planning to create some larger and more complex books. I had my pieces for my 2020 events and a slight change in direction seemed interesting. As we all know the world changed and I made my way back into my art practice with my “Half a Yard of Memories” series. However, as I could see the present situation lasting a while I  made the decision to return to the larger and more complex books, but then I dithered and made cards – ( the last batch proved very popular). As the size of the cards is dependant upon the size of print I now have the envelopes to make.

Would it be sensible to save the larger projects until the winter when I can’t garden? Is that a dilemma, a good idea or just putting something of?