Book Making, Printing

Following On – 13th July 2020

It has been quiet, the days have been steady and somewhat predictable. There has been little art because I have been painting walls and wood work and digging in the garden. Not exciting but essential and I’m a practical sort of girl!!

I did complete the book this book, it’s part of the Collections series where I’ve been contemplating the antique textiles as a whole rather that the designs and stories of individual pieces.

From my design at the end of the last post I worked out my arrangements of ink densities and I began to cut the papers and grey board. 

The plate is 34cm from left to right and is a departure of shape and size for me, the reason being that I’m going fold the paper and then cut it up the middle.

It will then be made into a book as shown here in my pro forma. The title is “A Cut in the Cloth”

Hopefully there will be prints by next time, keep safe everyone.