Book Making, Printing

Still Small Steps – 10th August 2020

I had an idea that fell within the “Half a Yard” series, so I went with it.

Like many people it was, and still is difficult to settle and it had taken me until the 1st of June to begin the series. See here. Before I printed my third plate I used the plate to emboss two lengths onto 250gsm Somerset paper and put them to one side and on rifling through my prints I came across them and had an idea.

I trimmed the paper and folded it into six. I then cut painted tissue paper to mirror the design, stuck it onto the reverse, wrapped them in plain tissue paper and into the book press.

Here is the front and back.

I know how I’m going to construct and cover the folded books but so far it’s been too hot to think about a session of painting papers in the studio, and it’s not often you say that in Yorkshire!.

The other book related activity that I have done is to fold my last set of prints into two styles of books. I hope that by the time I write my next blog I will have three different boos to show you