Book Making, Printing

Stepping up a Gear – 25th July 2022

I have had a few weeks of non creative happenings, however I have been thinking and gardening and visiting friends and going out, so it’s been much enjoyed. But I now feel that I am at last getting back into the swing of printing, book making and following a train of thought. The very hot weather turned my brain to pulp!

I feel that I have lots more ideas to explore around Fragments and Alterations, drawing inspiration from my collection of antique fabrics, there are many stories still to delve into and a journey ahead of me.

When I was a student I can remember being told to scale up a design and so that it would led one into abstraction. My usual size of blind prints has been 2cm, but these I printed are 6cm and I am planning that each will be a page. I had made a sketch in my notebook a few weeks ago that had just come to me from the word bundle, something that I hadn’t done before and will involve one page binding. There will be 32 pages and they should together make a block.

I am working with some beautiful Indian cotton rag paper, it is probably over 300 gsm and very white.

Just need for them to dry before the next stage.