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Challenges, challenges – 5th October 2020

This is an image of the last double page in my notebook – I complete one a year and this is my 28th! I realised that normally by this time of the year I would be wondering if I would run out of pages, but not so this year, there are no exhibition flyers, no artists’ business cards, no holiday photographs, fewer bits cut from magazines and fewer doodles.

It will get better. 

I started these notebooks when I was teaching embroidery and I found that adults were intimidated by the idea of sketchbooks, which an art student would quickly come to terms with. But a notebook where anything and everything could just be stuck into and so information could easily be extracted was not intimidating.

Two weeks ago I set myself the challenge of two yards (1.83m) of memories and decisions had to be made.

My favourite book making papers didn’t come long enough

My etching press will only produce a 0.75m print

A simple concertina of that length would be very floppy.

So I laid out 2 yards on my desk and considered the scale of the problem

I played about with various formats

And settled on this one, 2 yards made up of 7 sections

Drew the correct sizes out ( one piece will be cut into 2 at the end) and began to draw.

Began to construct the plates

And this is the progress that I made, 2 yards of Collagraph plates takes a while!