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Small Beginnings – 20th April 2020

Like many people in these difficult times I am finding it hard to settle, weeding the garden is fine, not too taxing, but to follow a constructive path has been challenging.

I decided to paint some papers

I set it all out 


I was taken by my mixing trays and was pulled back to the origins of these small containers – they were the microwave/freezing dishes for my sons baby food and he is now in his mid 30’s!

Memories, so important at the minute. The notion of memories kept repeating itself and then in a flash – “Half a yard of Memories” I like a good title to get me going and help me along a creative path.

I marked out three book formats and sketched out some ideas and progress was made. It seems important to be doing something whilst self isolating. The books will be small, to be held in the hand and treasured like memories. Let’s see where the idea takes me.

Feeling a little more contented