Book Making

Finishing and Completing – 6th April 2020

I still haven’t been able to settle and I think that this is the case for many people. We are all affected by the events throughout the world and on our doorsteps, so all I can do is my best and be kind to everybody.

New ideas and themes have passed through my brain, but when I’ve looked at them again I’m unimpressed!! So I have concentrated on completing the books that I had already done the printing a few weeks ago.

Above is the completed book which featured in my last blog where I had printed lots of 2cm blind prints and below is a detail of the book titled “Frayed Edges and Unpicked Seams”.

These books form part of the long running series called “And in all Colours”, which is a quote from a letter from London to India in the C17th wanting the new chintz cottons to be full of colour, so when I have a spare print I construct one of these books.

The printed side

The coloured side

Arranged together

Whilst the weather is good I have been focussing lots of my creativity on the garden, I would like to say that’s is weed free by now but it wouldn’t be true!!