Book Making, General

So, where have I got to? – 8th September 2019

I found that the momentum that i had gathered from the printing of the 215 small ‘blind’ prints stayed with me and I was able to have several shortish periods in the studio furthering ideas.

I find that sometimes the final design of a book wafts in front of my eyes and I then have to settle down to work out the technical bits in the middle and that is how it was.

I planned


I embossed recesses into Somerset 250 gsm paper


I painted tissue papers – I really only needed red but once all the preparation had been done I decided that I might as well carry on until my decanted paint ran out. I found myself inspired by all the autumn colours in the leaves in the garden.


And I folded the embossed papers, stuck and stitched the 2cm square prints into the recesses. I still have over 100 small prints left for another day!


And the details



Next to design and make their covers – blackberry and plum colours I think!