Book Making

Completing and Finishing – 23rd September 2019

I know that I frequently mention process, and here in days of peace and routine I have been photographing each stage of the two books that I have been working with, both inspired by the idea of ‘ A Collection’ So this post follows on from the last, which can be accessed from here.


The reverse of “Fragments of the Collection IV” ( so called because it has 4 small prints per page), has printed tissue to the back of the recessed fronts.


The covers to the books are glued and pressed.


The covers are glued and weighted down for a day.

Then they go into the book press, edited and labelled.

Here is “Fragments from the Collection IV” and a detail. It stands 10cm high and is an edition of 2



Here is “Fragments of the Collection I” and a detail, This also stands 10cm high and in an edition of 2.



It has crossed my mind that as I have posted the development and the making of these two books and as I have no events planned for the rest of the year I thought that I would offer them for sale – so if you are interested then please email me for more details. Number IV is £40 including P&P and Number 1 is £35 including P&P.