That ‘End of Term’ Feeling – 26th August 2019

It’s been two weeks since Art in the Pen, all my work is packed away and the studio is tidy.

It is summer (either too wet or too hot!) and there are few pressures on my time, so what art work I have done has been gently undertaken. There are no events in the diary, but I’m optimistic that there will be some lovely events coming up next year to apply for.

I have been giving much thought to the ‘Collections” idea and this has resulted in the following:

I have printed some more of the “Stitches in the Cloth’ plate to make small mementos books

And six postcards, which will become a series of 25 and they will need printed text on the reverse. More will be done over the winter

Wrapped in tissue and labelled

I ripped up 215 2cm squares of 250gsm paper and printed them – what a Collection!

I have ideas as to their usage over the coming months but further planning is needed