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Progress! – 17th June 2019

Progress – well it has rained a lot over the past couple of weeks.

I have been able to use my new inks and print the last two plates from my ‘Stories From the Cloth’ project. Sometimes I find that there can be a disconnect within a project if there is a stop in the middle and I was pleased when I had completed all four as I felt that I had been holding too many ideas in my head.

Here are the four plates, a detail from one and the papers that I have painted for the detailing in the books. I am hoping that the four editions will be completed by the time of my next event at the end of the month – Crafted By Hand in Masham. For details see here

Saltaire had seen a run on my printed cards so I set to and made a new batch. The new inks made a significant difference as their drying time is a few days and it was a good opportunity to try them out. There are three different designs.

I shall concentrate on the construction of the four editions over the next two weeks. I feel that I will then be able to focus on the next stage of my plan – ‘Stories from the Collection’ and continue to use the designs from cotton, linen silk and wool which are in my collection of textiles.