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A Continuing Theme – 3rd June 2019

…. Of  distractions!

There seems to be an ongoing disruptions to being able to settle down to an ongoing flow of work.

However life has been interesting and I’m content.

I took part in the Makers Fair in Saltaire last week end, it was busy for the whole of the three days and I met some lovely and interesting people. As a stand holder you really only get time to chat to the artists that are next door or opposite and then here is a quick rush round to talk with other artists. Several visitors bought my artists’ books and I love it when they tell you where it’s going, a Ruby wedding and a Mothers birthday immediately come to mind. And then there are the visitors who tell you that the book that they bought last year has been much admired – so lovely to have made connections with people, it’s the little things in life!

I sold many cards so this was my priority this week. I tried out my new printing inks and they worked very well. These prints look odd but images in my blog next time they will hopefully become clearer.

Time to clear up! the new inks are rubbed into the plate with a brush so next time I will mix them with the linseed in old yogurt pots rather than on the glass surface  and see if that makes clearing up easier.

 I am pleased to say that my book “A Dictionary of Silk” has been selected for the Word Image Object exhibition  at the Abecedarian Gallery in Denver USA. There is something magical about posting a parcel for the other side of the world! See here for more details.

The weather has been conducive to gardening and the rain has made the weeds grow. We have been observed frequently by cows, from the meadow beyond the hedge, peering through the gap.