Book Making, Printing

Slow Progress – 19th March 2020

The difficult and challenging times that we are all living at the moment can frequently invade our thoughts and it seems to me to be important to enjoy being distracted and think about other things so that we can more cheerfully cope on a day to day basis.

My printing and bookmaking have been slow but it feels good to record progress. I have framed all my book wall pieces, see above for one of them.

I have been following the idea of “The Collection” which I have written about before.

Here are the grey board templates, 5.5 x 8cm, to emboss into the Somerset 300 gsm paper about to go through the press.

And then I printed small, 2cm, blind prints from several plates.

When they were dry I arranged them into the sections, I needed 16 section with six were section. 

Then there were some stitches added and double sided adhesive stuck to the reverse.

They are now awaiting being inserted into the template recesses.