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Distractions, Distractions…… 3rd January 2022

There have been many things to think about over the past few weeks that have distracted me from spending time in the studio, apart from the ‘mind fog’ generated by the circumstances that we live in at the moment. Still I will get down to some serious art in the next few days as I have three ideas mulling about in my head, I just need the space to try and sort them out.

I have however completed two books, both of which turned out how I had imagined them, they took a while to complete as they required several stages. Here they are, both are unique.

‘The Narrative of Fragments I’, is 11 x 74cm long, there are 60, 2cm Collagraph prints placed in two recesses and then red silk machine stitching between them.

Narrative of Fragments I
Narrative of Fragments I detail
Narrative of Fragments I detail

The second is ‘The Narrative of Fragments II’ and is 12.5 x 66cm, the background is a Collagraph print with 24 small prints of different sizes placed on top and silk hand made stitches.

Narrative of Fragments II
Narrative of Fragments II Detail
Narrative of Fragments II detail

If you are interested or would like further information on either of these books, which are £40 including P&P to the UK, please contact me, see top of home page.

May I wish all of you health and happiness for 2022, keep smiling and be kind to all who who come your way.