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Disruptions – 11th January 2021

If I had had a plan then life hasn’t gone that way. I had hoped in these early days of 2021 I would form a plan for the next few months, but it snowed.

So I moved into the house with books, paper and textile fragments to wait for it to get warmer.

I haven’t been idle though. There is a new page on the website called Shop where I have placed the books that I have made in 2020. Do have a look and contact me if you are interested.

I have been reading and continuing with researching my theme of ‘Vulnerable to Alteration”. I still haven’t completed the prints that I had planned to do a fortnight ago, hopefully when it gets warmer. I feel that I need to do these before I really get inside another textile and explore its alterations.

The image at the beginning shows the front and reverse, (top half of the image), of a woven Spitalfields silk, the back with the lengths of floss silk going from flower to flower are wonderfully bright and provide a contrast to the front. There are signs of two seams along all four sides of the 38 x 40cm fragment and I think that this will become the focus of further investigations.

This whitework collar, from c1830, also shows marks of alterations, a row of needle holes going from left to right. I suspect that these are marks where the large collar was turned inside a neckline and stitched in place.

I have read a lot over the past couple of weeks. When I embarked upon the project to go through all my books I hadn’t foreseen all the memories that came with the reading. The bottom book I bought in the 1970’s and was my first text book on sewing/embroidery and was  a source of reference on techniques until I began as a serious student of embroidery over a decade later. The top book is brand new and I have enjoyed reading about how other artists approach their art especially as I know several of them.

So here’s to better weather!