Book Making, Printing

Process and Completion – 15th July 2019

This last two weeks has seen me not doing too much in the studio – I have been playing about with mock up books and the idea that the ‘Collection’ of printing plates has become the essence of current work rather than the antique fragments of cloth. I shall have to see where that leads me, I’m happy to be lead down a path that doesn’t have any particular aim at the moment as I have completed my work for my only planned event in August.

So as I mentioned last time here are the books from ‘Stories from the Cloth”

The covers were made and glued, held under weights for a day to dry.

The folded pages were glued to the covers and weighted down to dry for a day.

The completed books were pressed in the book press for another day.

‘Stitches in the Cloth’

‘Made in Britain’

‘Stories from the Cloth I’

‘Stories from the Cloth II’

You may have noticed that I have deleted my shop page from the website, but if you are interested in any of my books then please email me.