What’s Next? – May 31st 2021

Although I’m quite sure that there will be more on the subject of Alteration I wanted to turn my mind to an opportunity to apply for selection in an exhibition next year.

On first considering the title I was stumped, it didn’t seem one for me, but that is the challenge. I didn’t feel that I wanted to depart from my style and subject too far and I mulled over the possibilities, let it lie dormant for a while and then it came to me, thankfully!

Worked my samples and from these I was able to work up a mock book with the correct sizings, I printed over 100 2cm blind prints, in black and red, allowed them to dry and sewed them in sets of 10, as my trial in my notebook.

Now I need a wet day to pull all the components together, the garden seems to have taken me over at the minute!

Slim pickings for the books this time