Up and Running – December 26th 2019

I have missed posting my blog over the past few weeks whilst some technical problems have been sorted out. Writing the blog gives me the opportunity to gather and sort out ideas and the formalising of those thoughts into text is, I feel a worthwhile discipline.

I have taken several prints from the plate featured in my last blog and am pleased with the results, the free pieces over the straight edges worked well and give the idea of frayed edges. They are waiting to dry completely before folding into books.


As it is almost the end of the year I have covered a new sketchbook ( I use pieces of embroidery that I rediscover when I’m having a clear out). It’s good to know that there are plenty of ideas stored in the 2019 book for me to follow up.



Picking up the threads – 25th November 2019

The past few weeks have been somewhat disjointed, there have been trips away, a rotten cold that lingered and the tidying up the garden for the winter. I often say to people that i garden in the summer and print and make books in the winter. It isn’t quite lake that but I’m sure that you get the idea.

I have been trying to gather my thoughts together for a new phase in my work and a phrase kept coming back to me – “The Past is always Present”. This could be seen on many levels and can evoke several ideas. So I stuck with it and found many connections with unpicked seams and what lies beyond the edges, ideas that I have pursued earlier this year.

The past is always present in the textiles where there are marks (unpicked seams, worn holes, loose threads, restyling) telling tales about past history and so holding memories of previous lives of people as well as the fabrics.

So I went back to an early piece in my textile collection – a 1620 import from India to Europe, silk embroidery to cotton with a raw silk backing, it shows the beginnings of the designs of what we call Chintz.


And I made a plate with cut out design edges which has been sealed and waiting to be printed, hope it works!